Hindi Sexy Video: Urrfii Javed Again Get Trolled For Her Dress

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The social media Influencer Urrfii Javed came again to the headlines for her Hindi sexy dress. You can watch this Hindi sexy video of Urrfii Javed where she is wearing a very revealing outfit during the holy month.

You can see within the video Urrfii Javed is outdoor of the airport answering the reporter approximately she dont care about her on line trollers later she also requested the reporter whilst Ramadan is beginning. The reporter also asked her if she follows Ramadan which she answer as yes.

Urrfii Javed Ramadan Hindi Sexy Video

After the video was published on the internet People are saying “Ramzan me toh sharam karle, besharam”, while other Bollywood artists appreciated her choice of dress.

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In the comment section of the video, Rakhi Sawant wrote “wow nice dress along with a fire emoji” after that other Bollywood artists also came in to support her to let her wear her choice of outfit.

Urrfii Javed is also an ex-Bigg boss contestant, which help her to come into the limelight and got big opportunities in the industry.

Now, whenever she came in front of the camera that sexy hindi video becomes viral news in the country.

Watch Urrfii Javed Ramadan Sexy Video

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