Leisure, Adornment, and Beauty Are Radical Acts in “Resting Our Eyes”


“Although each of us are making work informed by our unique experiences and perspectives, no one is making work in a vacuum. We have all been informed by a shared global experience, changing technology, a common awareness of art history, and our current political and social climate. It’s interesting to see how these commonalities become teased out by the curators of the show, and most importantly how the audience may see themselves within that narrative,” Helina Metaferia said.

Ebony G. Patterson, …they wondered what to do… for those who bear/bare witness 2018, Hand-cut jacquard woven photo tapestry with glitter, appliqués, pins, brooches, embellishments, fabric, tassels, acrylic, glass pearls, beads, 3 hand-embellished resin-based roosters on stands, on artist-designed fabric wallpaper 112 x 74 in. Courtesy of the artist and Monique Meloche Gallery.

#Leisure #Adornment #Beauty #Radical #Acts #Resting #Eyes

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