SOS (Open DAO) Coin Best Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

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What is SOS?

SOS gains lot of interest from investor in current days, as mission distribute rewards in SOS token for buying and selling or shopping for NFT on OpenSea. SOS said to be governance token of OpenSea platform that entitle OpenDAO i.E. Opensea decentralized self reliant corporation. We realize, Opensea NFT is market which works full decentralized way with community.

SOS delivered to pay tribute, protect and sell biggest network of NFT as per the TheOpenDAO portal. It is not anything however Christmas and New Year gift as well as thanking reward for NFT trader. However, 50% deliver airdrop to early Opensea customers, as user need to assert their SOS token on OpenDao. Every consumer will get specific rewards as consistent with their buying and selling volume SOS praise calculated and later available for claim. Remaining 50% might be divided into three part include staking incentive, DAO and Liquidity pool incentives.

OpenDAO will be supporting network with 20% of deliver as it might be allotted inside rip-off victim, rising creator, network, and artwork renovation and developer engagement. Snapshot for airdrop already taken and person who traded on OpenSea can claim token earlier than 30th June 2020. Unclaimed token may be sent back to DAO treasury based on community balloting.

SOS Coin Price Prediction :

Month & YearSOS Price Prediction
February 2022$247.90000000
March 2022$368.15000000
April 2022$410.70000000
May 2022$434.75000000
June 2022$468.05000000
July 2022$347.80000000
August 2022$410.70000000
September 2022$451.40000000
October 2022$534.65000000
November 2022$545.75000000
December 2022$595.70000000
March 2023$636.40000000
June 2023$616.05000000
September 2023$717.80000000
December 2023$656.75000000
January 2025$730.75000000
February 2025$1,602.10000000
March 2025$1,646.50000000
April 2025$1,813.00000000
May 2025$1,840.75000000
June 2025$1,887.00000000
July 2025$2,109.00000000
August 2025$2,442.00000000
September 2025$2,227.40000000
October 2025$2,183.00000000
November 2025$2,553.00000000
Decemeber 2025$2,627.00000000
January 2030$5,642.50000000
March 2030$5,994.00000000
May 2030$6,734.00000000
July 2030$6,197.50000000
September 2030$7,141.00000000
December 2030$7,400.00000000

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OpenDAO Overview :

Project nameOpenDAO
Ticker SymbolSOS
Total Supply100 trillion
Launched year2021
ExchangeUniswap, ByBit, 1inch Exchange, Gate, Kucoin, MEXC, Okex.

SOS Token Price Analysis :

SOS following airdrop distribution gets decentralized alternate and pinnacle tier centralized change list. As per the coingecko file on twenty fifth December 2021 SOS token begin trading at rate $0.00000200 USD. After listing on next SOS token highlighted on trending listing crypto price reporting platform and registered 60% surge in rate. Most of acquainted approximately uni token, which is governance token of uniswap DEX, as its distribution nearly similar as SOS token. We know boom of NFT and use of opensea just like Uniswap for decentralized buying and selling and looking at growing variety SOS token will considering as funding factor view.


We realize governance token are vital for every decentralized mission because it gives freedom to actual person to deliver changes inside the product. We know there are lots of problems on Opensea and also include scam or fake assignment or faux ownership that need to be solved. OpenSea currently maximum extensively used product in crypto market due to the fact growth in NFT fashion. Most of ethereum based totally NFT being traded on opensea and newly launched undertaking owner’s gives top priority to the opensea. However, there’s no reputable confirmation from OpenSea of being integrated with OpenDAO, so as of writing OpenDAO works individually.

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